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WATCH: Reason Pauli Will Be Suspended For Weeks

  • WATCH: Reason Pauli Will Be Suspended For Weeks

Parramatta interchange forward Pauli Pauli wasn't really having the best game anyway; an error on his first hit up and a lack of any meaningful contribution made for an otherwise forgettable game - aside from a disgustingly late hit on Penrith five-eighth Jamie Soward.

Now that the lifting tackle and shoulder charge are taboo, it's the late tackling on a passing playmaker that is catching the ire of the rugby league viewership. 

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In Channel 9's coverage last night it was labelled a 'blight on the game' and it's not hard to see why. Soward will have scans to determine if he'll miss any significant period of time, but it's thought it could be a similar injury (AC joint) to the one that Robbie Farah suffered in the opening State of Origin match and that's bad news.

While we await injury news, many will be demanding to know why there were not more repercussions for the questionable tackle and now the Match Review Panel will have an important decision to make regarding suspension of Pauli.

It's clear that Pauli has little regard for the wellbeing of his opponents; how long should he be suspended for?


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