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Thanks For The Memories

  • Thanks For The Memories
  • Thanks For The Memories
  • Thanks For The Memories

.. into the last good fight I'll ever know

The season draws to a close for eight teams, Penrith are one of them, and it marks the end of several players tenure at the foot of the mountains. We'd like to say thanks.

Nigel Plum. Classic actions speak louder than words. By actions we mean collissions. The effort  and dedication you made to our club epitomises what every Penrith fan idolises in their players. Thank you for putting player after player on their backside and for being the ultimate team player.

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Reverend David. Times have gotten tough for us Penrith fans over the last few years. Some turned to prayer and we were rewarded with a miracle. Every time we think we've seen the last of David Simmons you get another shot and you show us why you've been on of the best and most reliable outside backs of the last decade. Thank you for saving our season multiple times, even if you didn't get the recognition you deserve.

Brent Kite. It's been very well reported in the last week about your selfless act of parting with your Clive Churchill medal. If anything this emphasises why you received the medal. Your role both on and off the field has been invaluable to us over these past few season so thank you. Thank you for picking us to finish you career with.

Lewis Brown. The Python! Is there anywhere you can't play? Just curious because you've played almost everywhere for us and seem to be our best player almost every game! There's still a fantastic career ahead of you and while we're disappointed it's not with Penrith, thank you for saving our behinds  and then some on an almost weekly basis!

Api Koroisau. In your short time at Penrith you've shown us that you really do deserve that Premiership ring. Thank you for being the five-eighth we'd inevitably need. 

They call him Sika. If you thought Penrith got cold, you're in for a surprise! We're glad we'll not have to play against you next season. An easy target for fans after losses purely because you weren't blowing people off the park like in your early days, you were an unsung hero in quite a few of our matches this year. The international experience is obvious. Thank you for being a class act despite all the turmoil.

Tell Us Your Thoughts: Which player are you saddest to see leaving the club at the end of 2015?

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