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WATCH: Former Panther Grant Shows No Mercy

  • WATCH: Former Panther Grant Shows No Mercy

Tim Grant let his frustration get the better of him in his side's dismal 28-12 finals loss to the Sharks on the weekend and it was Anthony Tupou who felt the brunt of it.

His side facing elimination Grant employed his elbow in a fiery lashing out against Anthony Tupou who had seemingly done little to provoke the violent outburst.


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It was missed, or ignored, by the referees on the day but it's still unclear if there will be any consequence to Grant's swipe. That it was against Tupou opens the door for some worrying premeditation. 

 Tupou suffered a sickening jaw injury earlier in the season and it's safe to say he would've felt a pang of nostalgia when his felt another bit of solid contact to the side of his face.

Have Your Say: Does this incident deserve punishment or are we going to let this slide but not punches?

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