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Player Review: Tyrone Peachey

  • Player Review: Tyrone Peachey

Another season, another reel of glimpses from Tyrone Peachey. The eclectic ball-playing small forward showed some more promise in his second season at NRL level but failed to make a lasting impact mainly due to a rotating shift of positions.

PLAYER RATING:               7/10

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Tyrone Peachey has only two speeds, on or off. When he’s on he looks like the fastest player in the NRL who beats prospective tacklers for fun and scores tries on a whim. When he’s off, though, all his metres are sideways and if he’s not shooting out of the defensive line alone he’s probably back on the bench.

It’s hard to blame him, though. It’s been a year all over the place for every Penrith player and he’s certainly been one of the better attacking options that the team have had for most of the year.

His optimal position remains a mystery and having him in the backrow with Bryce Cartwright at the same time is never going to be a long-time solution to anything except growing the error count.

Another famous name that we can expect a lot more from in a more stable environment in 2016.

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