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Player Review: Isaah Yeo

  • Player Review: Isaah Yeo

Isaah Yeo took a while to get going in 2015 but it was a stepping-stone of a season for the light back rower after he showed how truly verstatile he is in an era where almost every fringe forward can play in the centres.

PLAYER RATING:               7/10

He was forced to play in the outside backs for the majority of his matches and it showed on occasion but it was only in offense that he struggled, his passing game not quite up to scratch for putting wingers over in the corner.

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He’s worked the errors out of his game and when he was finally given a chance in his native position of second rower it seemed like he’d garnered a new lease on life.

He hit the line with a punch we haven’t seen from him at centre and his time on the edge has evolved his defence to the next level.

In an era at Penrith where every fan wets themselves over offensive freaks like Cartwright, Peachey and Moylan it’s refreshing to see an up and coming player rewarded for a fantastic defensive game.

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