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Player Review: Jamie Soward

  • Player Review: Jamie Soward

After a season in which he could do no wrong in 2014 the criticism was significantly less flowery for Jamie Soward in 2015 and it was largely unjustified.

PLAYER RATING:               7/10

A 16-game campaign was all he could muster thanks to injuries but he didn’t muck around, starting the season with game-breaking play after play. When he was forced to take on the organisation aspects of a playmaker in Peter Wallace’s absence things began to sour.

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He took on the line less and focused more on his long kicking game. Taking everything on meant that his natural impromptu game went out the window and we wouldn’t see the best of Soward again for the rest of the year.

It was said last year and it still applies this year; if Soward and Wallace can get a full off-season of training together and go relatively unscathed through the 2016 campaign there’s no reason they can get back to their respective best.

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