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Player Review: Jeremy Latimore

  • Player Review: Jeremy Latimore

No player exemplifies consistency and effort more at Penrith than Jeremy Latimore. He racked up his 100th match in season 2015 and was the stabilising factor in many a victory.

PLAYER RATING:               8/10

There’s not a lot to say about Latimore that hasn’t already been said. He’s not a flashy player and he’s not going to cause a ruckus but he’ll get you roughly 100m of yardage and 25 tackle a match with relatively low error rate.

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 He played every match of the 2015 season after playing 25 matches in 2014 and as a result racked up his 100th appearance in the NRL, seven years after his debut.

A few matches in the starting pack offered nothing new from Latimore. A decent stint off the bench remains the best way to extract impact from Latimore’s game.

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