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Player Review: Nigel Plum

  • Player Review: Nigel Plum

Fan favourite Nigel Plum put the boots on for the final time in 2015 as part of an extended Panthers front row rotation. His game had tamed a little from the hard-man image he’d build his career on a but a solid season was still on the cards.

PLAYER RATING:               7/10

Another player forced to retire due to injury, Plum was lucky enough to run out for his 150th appearance before retiring immediately afterwards due to a raft of concussions.

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The big hits were fewer and farther between, but still just as hard. The contribution was still there though and if it’s weren’t for injury there’s no reason Plum couldn’t have played up to 24 matches through the year.

 The fans love him wherever he goes but he’s become a hero to many supporters at the foot of the mountains. The reception of the crowd in his final match at Pepper Stadium was a fitting end to a superb season. 

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