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Player Review: Elijah Taylor

  • Player Review: Elijah Taylor

Tackle, tackle, tackle. Elijah Taylor was easily the pick of the pick of the forwards for Penrith in 2015, unfortunately his was another campaign brought to a screeching halt by injury.

PLAYER RATING:               9/10

He might not have been the type of player that grabs attention like Cartwright or Plum but there’s no doubt that his defensive contribution to the team was the single most determinative factor of results in most matches.

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60 tackles in a game has become commonplace for Taylor and he rarely misses. Don’t take that to mean he’s non-existent in attack though, he doesn't shy away from a hit-up and has got a sneaky pass in those lock-tight hands.

The contract of his defence against such a frenetic offensive pack is key to success for Penrith. Taylor is a future captain and we expect to see such professionalism in seasons to come.

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